Wood chip pellets are renewable biomass fuel, which is environmentally friendly and when they are burned, heat energy is generated. By choosing the wood chip pellets offered by us, you will not only provide your home, factory or office premises with pleasant warmth, but also take care of the sustainability of the heating system, because the pellets are produced from pure wood without impurities, they do not contain sand, glue or other chemical components, until with this, it will guarantee a gentle use of the heating system. 

We offer "Premium" pellets in 6 mm and 8 mm diameter.


For the production of "Premium" pellets,  are used softwood sawdust and planing chips (without bark), which provides the pellets with a light (white) color and low ash content. Premium pellets are offered packed in 15 kg bags (65 bags on a pallet, total weight on a pallet 975 kg) or in bulk in Big bags.
We offer "Premium" pellets in 6 mm and 8 mm diameter.


Premium quality RUF chip briquettes are produced only from pure wood chips, they do not contain glue or other chemical components, which ensures the safe use of briquettes for heating or fireplace, without causing any damage to the heating system. The briquettes have an excellent heat output, they are very well compressed, they do not crumble.
The briquettes are packed in 10kg polyethylene bags. 

There is a total of 960 kg / 96 pcs on the pallet.

Test results:

  • Humidity 6-8%
  • Ash 0,40%

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